Meet the new fully electric SUV


Volvo Recharge. Introducing our new line of plug-in hybrid cars.

A grey Volvo car from above, being charged via a charging station
A white Volvo car from front, being charged via a charging station
A white Volvo car's charging cap being opened and charger plugged in.

Photos and videos are of overseas specifications, and specifications such as wheel design are different from Hong Kong specifications. Features and equipment may not be standard equipment or may not be available depending on the model.

Why Volvo?

Child sits in the back of a parked car

Making your life easier

Our new take on getting from A to B. Get access to a Volvo when you want it, how you want it.

Our future is electric

All our cars are available with electrified power. We help you reduce the environmental impact of daily life.

Protecting what’s important

We’re proud of our safety heritage. We’ll keep innovating new ways to help you protect what's important.

Photo for reference only. Specification are subject to change without prior notice, Wearnes Motors (HK) Limited reserves right for final decision.