Charging the hybrid battery

Charging status in the car's charging input socket

Updated 5/18/2020

Charging status in the car's charging input socket

The charging input socket shows the charging status using an LED lamp.

The LED lamp shows the existing status while charging is in progress. If the LED lamp does not illuminate, check that the cable is firmly plugged into the wall socket and the socket in the car. The white, red, yellow or blue lamps are activated when the passenger compartment lighting is switched on - they remain switched on for a while after the passenger compartment lighting has been switched off.

LED lamp's glow



LED light


Waiting modeFor example, after a door has been opened or if the charging cable's handle is not locked in. - waiting for charging to start.

Flashing green

Charging in progressThe slower the flashing, the closer to fully charged..


Charging completeExtinguishes after a while.


A fault has arisen.


Scheduled charging

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