Volvo family cars

Invest in the safety and comfort of your loved ones with a Volvo family car.

Our mission remains to make life easier, better and safer for everyone. That's led to a range of cars with the safety, comfort and space families need. With a Volvo family car, ordinary journeys can become quality family time.

We’re safety experts

We develop industry-first safety innovations by looking beyond the horizon of what’s required. This commitment to making some of the safest family cars on the road remains central to everything we do.

Design through real-world research

We study real crashes to refine and develop safety innovations. And we conduct lab tests that replicate real-world conditions. It's refinement through research that's helped build our safety credentials. So, we’ll always ask why when things go wrong on the road.

Driver assistance systems

Our safety innovations help give your car more visibility of what's happening on the road. Advanced hardware works with driver assistance systems designed to alert you to potential dangers and even step in when you need extra support.

Air purification technology

Our cutting-edge air purification technology reduces or eliminates fine particulate matter, a harmful air pollutant. This Volvo Cars world-first stops up to 95% of PM 2.5* particulates from entering the cabin. It can also filter out 99.9% of pollen allergens and 97% of airborne viruses.

We're leaders in child car safety

Although you’ll never see many of your Volvo family car's safety innovations, they’re ready when things go wrong. But children have to be correctly positioned for these integrated features to offer the protection they’re designed to. We've pioneered child safety solutions based on this principle since the 1960s.

Child car seats

We test our child car seats in accident scenarios based on real-world collisions and use child-sized crash test dummies. This helps us deliver advanced protection systems for our littlest passengers, including a range of comfortable child car seats that can accommodate babies and smaller children.

Booster seats and cushions

Volvo Cars introduced the first booster cushion for children in 1978. Over the decades, we’ve continued to deliver belt-positioning booster seats and cushions that elevate children who’ve outgrown car seats into the best position to benefit from the car’s protection systems.

Occupant sensing

Occupant sensing is an interior radar system sensitive enough to detect sub-millimetre movements – like the gentle shifting of a sleeping toddler. Sensors cover as much of the cabin as possible, including the boot, to help ensure that no one is left behind or forgotten. Available in the EX90.

Skyscrapers are just visible through the panoramic roof of a moving Volvo car.

Help at the touch of a button

If things go wrong, your family has the protection of Volvo Assistance, roadside support you can call at the touch of a button.

Comfortable and spacious family cars

We design spacious family cars to help make life easier day to day and on those big adventures where memories are made. And with the luxurious details you thought you'd have to give up in a practical family car. By ticking all the boxes, your Volvo will become part of the family.

Versatile boot space

The best family cars have large boot spaces, but size isn’t everything. When you pack for impromptu family outings or tick off a lot of errands in one trip, things can get messy. Volvo family cars feature spacious cargo compartments that are also versatile, with smart storage solutions, hidden compartments and dividers that help you keep clutter down.

Extra space and easier to load

You’ll have tree houses to build, family pets to chauffeur and surprisingly large birthday balloons to deliver. That's when you need extra space. Find it by quickly folding some or all of the rear seats in your Volvo. And with no lip and flat floors, loading and unloading the boot is even easier.

No-effort access

Hands full? Open and close the power-operated tailgate with the motion of your foot. You can also use controls in the dashboard or your key fob. It's that easy to secure your Volvo family car, too. Close and lock doors, windows and the panoramic roof with the press of a button on your remote key. Press it again to set off again, just as before.

Better connected family cars

Volvo family cars can be integrated into your digital life, making it easy to connect and communicate on the road. And to do it safely for a more confident driving experience.

Customisable infotainment

Control most car functions from an intuitive infotainment system with Google built-in*. It can be personalised like a mobile phone, and with a responsive touch screen, you'll enjoy the same fast, familiar control.

Charge points for everyone’s devices

Screen time can be a blessing sometimes. To keep your family's devices rolling on the road, we added front-seat wireless charging points and USB-C ports throughout the cabin.

Immersive sound

Volvo cars feature state-of-the-art audio systems that deliver immersive sound. Now you can enjoy your favourite podcast or the one (and maybe only) playlist the whole family loves on a whole new level.

Overlooked by a saleswoman, a young woman sits smiling in the driver's seat touching the centre console of a Volvo car.

Family cars that don’t compromise

We draw on our Swedish design heritage to create quietly luxurious cars. Our family cars are no exception. So, when you bring a Volvo car into your family, you get the safety and space you need and the driving experience you want.

Electrified family cars

With a Volvo family electric car, you're investing in more than the comfort and safety of loved ones. You’re investing in their future by reducing or eliminating tailpipe emissions.

Fully electric family cars

Our fully electric family cars represent progress for the road ahead. Powered by cutting-edge batteries and e-motors, our electric cars produce zero tailpipe emissions and use recycled and bio-based materials that reduce waste.

Reduced running costs

The cost of driving a Volvo electric car can be lower than an equivalent fuel car. How? Charging your family car can cost significantly less than the fuel to drive the same mileage. And because some electricity providers even offer off-peak rates, you can further lower running costs by scheduling charging times.

Charging your family car

Create personal charging routines that fit your lifestyle to help reduce costs and charging times. Charge your electric family car at home with a home charger like the Volvo wallbox. And then charge at work, at the gym and outside your favourite shops with public charging stations.

Electric family SUVs

Safety is your priority, and ours, too. But the best family SUVs also let you pile in with life’s accessories. With our family SUVs, you get safety and space with a touch of Scandinavian simplicity that turns your car’s cabin into a living room for the road.

5-seater electric family SUVs

Our electric SUVs are right for a family of five – plus life's extras.

Ready to go fully electric? The XC40 is an electric 5-seat compact family SUV, and the C40 is our electric 5-seat SUV crossover. Both are a stylish way to eliminate tailpipe emissions and lower daily running costs.

Wide shot of a Denim Blue Volvo S90 saloon car moving along a forested road on a sunny day.

Plug-in hybrid family saloon cars

The S60 and S90 offer uncluttered spaciousness with the head-turning elegance of the classic saloon body shape. Both plug-in hybrid family saloons feature advanced driver assistance systems and responsive handling for a more enjoyable journey, whether it’s the morning school run or a cheeky weekend away while the grandparents take over for a while.

An over-the-shoulder view of a Volvo car owner looking at the battery charge status on his car on the Volvo Cars app.

Get more with the Volvo Cars app

The Volvo Cars app helps you get more from your new electrified Volvo family car. Use it as a key, remotely control useful functions, schedule and monitor charging – and more.