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Spacious, 5 seats

14.07 km/l

*Prices are ex-showroom price, exclusive of applicable taxes and are subject to change. Such change can be due to various factors including but not limited to, purchase of additional accessory, parts or products purchased or services that may be availed by the customer. Fuel consumption values are based on latest ICAT test reports obtained under specific testing conditions. The real-life fuel consumption achieved under real conditions varies depending on driving behaviour and other external factors.

Understated elegance. Distinctive Scandinavian-inspired design.

Stylish exteriors

Volvo sedan exteriors express the essence of our Scandinavian design heritage. Considered. Beautiful. Balanced. It’s a well-composed style that invites a long second glance.

Luxurious interiors

Our five-seat sedan cabins draw inspiration from the Scandinavian home. Spacious headroom and legroom. An uncluttered design with elegant details. And a panoramic glass roof that inspires an airy, calm feel.

Premium ergonomic seats

Our seats help alleviate pressure, hunching and shoulder strain by maximising support for the spine. They’re ergonomic and stylish, with premium upholsteries available across the range.

A helping hand

Our advanced driver assistance technology allows more relaxed driving. It can help you maintain a safe distance from cars in front by adapting your speed and keeping you centred in the lane by providing gentle steer assist. It’s also helpful in stop-and-go traffic and can even alert if traffic is moving ahead without you after a stop.

Pilot Assist

Equipped with adaptive cruise control and steering assistance, Pilot Assist helps keep you inside the lane and maintain a set distance from other cars.

App remote services

Subscribe to a Digital services package and enjoy full access to all the remote services in the Volvo Cars app including locking and unlocking and cabin pre-cleaning and heating or cooling.

Inspired design for inspired driving.

Daily commutes. Weekends away. Date nights. Our luxury sedans are designed to make every drive more intuitive and pleasurable.

Elevated driving. Premium technology delivered in style.

Bowers & Wilkins audio system

Precisely tuned speakers and a state-of-the-art subwoofer deliver impressive surround sound and immersive audio throughout the cabin.

Intuitive centre display

Control most car functions from an intuitive touchscreen centre console. Personalise it like a mobile phone for fast, familiar control.

Cabin air purification

Filter out 99.9% of pollen allergens and 97% of airborne viruses with our advanced air purification technology.

Results are based on new filter measurements in a controlled and closed cabin environment. The climate system may influence the result. Measurements are made in a controlled external environment and the particle amount, type and size may influence the results and vary between days.

An illustrated image of a Volvo car from overhead driving alongside other vehicles.

Sedan safety features

Safety sits at the heart of everything we do. Discover the pioneering safety features available in our sedans.

Wide shot of a Denim Blue Volvo S90 saloon car moving along a forested road on a sunny day.

Family sedans

A Volvo family sedan car is an investment in the safety and comfort of your loved ones. Find out why.

A Scottish terrier sits calmly buckled into a special dog harness available as an official Volvo Cars accessory.

Sedan car accessories

We design accessories and lifestyle products to elevate every journey in your Volvo sedan car. Find what you’re looking for.

Learn more about our sedan cars.

All Volvo sedans are designed for five people.

Boot capacity in the S90 plug-in hybrid is up to 431 litres. Boot capacity in the S60 plug-in hybrid is 391 L.

All Volvo sedans are automatic.

With Google built-in, Google Assistant makes it easy to call or text friends, set reminders and change the temperature in the car. Use Google Maps to get the information you need on your drive, including live traffic updates, reminders and proactive alerts. And use Google Play to download your favourite music, podcasts, audiobooks and more.*

Yes, Apple CarPlay is standard in Volvo sedans.*

Roof boxes and other accessories are available for Volvo sedans. View the accessories available in your market.

AWD is an option in some sedan models. Select the Volvo sedan you’re interested in to learn more.

Sedans, also known as saloons, are a type of four-door passenger car with the boot separated from the cabin. Sedans are typically designed to carry four or five people. Drivers favour them for their comfortable interiors and handling, spacious interiors and agile handling.

Saloons and sedans are two words for the same body type. You’ll find sedan typically used in American English and saloon in British English.

Sedans have four doors and a boot separated from the cabin. This results in a sleeker look than other body types. Because sedans are designed for passenger travel, they typically feature comfortable interiors and smooth handling.

Estates have a longer roofline that extends to the back of the car, allowing for a larger load compartment behind the rear seats. This compartment is typically more spacious than you find in sedans. Because it's accessed through a top-hinged boot lid, it's also easier to load and unload.

Features may not be available in all markets and will not be standard in all markets or for all models.

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