Volvo S90

A dark Volvo S90 is parked in front of a grey wall

Expect more.

Embrace the new and control the journey in the refreshed Scandinavian luxury sedan.









A Volvo S90 partially obscured by stairs
A Volvo S90 is parked in front of a set of stairs, a man walks towards the car
Inside a Volvo, a crystal gear shifter from Orrefors called Crystal Eye

Always on your side. Advanced technology in your S90 sedan helps connect your drive to personalised comfort and mobility.

A close-up picture of a man in the back seat of a Volvo S90
A man walks towards a black Volvo S90
Inside a Volvo, driving speed displayed on the windshield
A close-up picture of a man in the back seat of a Volvo S90

Clear the air

To help clean the air you breathe, our advanced air cleaner in our world-first air quality system prevents up to 95% of incoming air particles to enter the cabin.

A man walks towards a black Volvo S90

Personal touch

Preheat, precool and more – own your space before you're in it with a simple tap of the Volvo On Call app.

Inside a Volvo, driving speed displayed on the windshield

Sharpen your senses

Head up display allows you to watch your speed, follow turn-by-turn navigation, answer your phone calls, and more. All without looking away.

Assisted safety

Assisted safety

The blind spot information system (BLIS™) with steer assist can ease tension in busy traffic with alerts and active support, guiding you and your loved ones back on track.

Intelligent driver assist technology can detect and help you avoid a collision with other vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists and large animals – day or night.*

Four high-definition cameras give you a 360° bird's eye parking view so you can breeze in and out of any confined space with confidence.

* Vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists moving in the same direction of the car can be detected under certain speeds and in certain conditions. Detection systems are dependent on objects being illuminated and require the vehicle’s front and rear lights to be working when it is dark. Driver remains responsible for safe driving at all times. ** Driver support functions are not a substitute for the driver’s attention and judgment. Cross traffic alert may have limited functionality in certain situations. Brake intervention is only active at lower speeds.

Design your life. Be in control every mile of the journey, with intuitive comfort and convenience features.

The front exterior of a Volvo S90

Shine on

Arrive with distinction in an refreshed exterior featuring enhanced chrome detailing including a new chrome grille.

Pitch perfect

Perfectly positioned Bowers & Wilkins speakers bring a sound quality so pristinely clear it feels like front row seats at a symphony – no matter where you sit.

Impress your guests

From the front seats to the back, ample legroom and exceptionally fine nappa leather enhance the luxurious experience. An exclusive centre armrest folds-down for long-distance relaxation and amenities.

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