Charging the hybrid battery - ending


To be able to detach the charging cable glove from the car's 230 VAC intake, the car must first be unlocked using the remote control key/PCC.
P3-V60H-Lås upp laddning avslutas
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Unlock the car with the remote control key/PCC* - the charging cable's locked plug releases/is unlocked.

P3-13w46-V60H Plug out cable from car
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Unplug the cable from the car's electrical input socket, refit the charging input socket's cover and close the hatch, see Charging the hybrid battery - preparations.

P3-13w46-V60H Plug out cable from house
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Unplug the cable from the 230 VAC socket.

Return the charging cable to the storage space under the cargo area floor.

Charging with the diesel engine

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The hybrid battery can also be charged by the car's diesel engine, see Drive systems.

  1. * Option/accessory.