A jack is used to raise the car, e.g. when changing the tyres.

The original jack should only be used for changing to the spare wheel. The jack's thread must always be well greased.


The normal car jack is only designed for occasional, short-term use, such as when changing a wheel after a puncture, changing to winter/summer wheels, etc. Only the jack for the specific car model may be used to raise the car. If the car is to be jacked up more often, or for a longer time than is required just to change a wheel, use of a garage jack is recommended. In this instance, follow the instructions for use that come with the equipment.

Tools - returning into place

P3-820 Jack assembly posiiton
P3-1246-V60H-location of jack
The white arrow must point toward the front of the car.

After use, crank the jack together and screw apart the towing eye and wheel bolt wrench. Place the wheel bolt wrench and the jack in their respective compartments in the bag. Tighten the bag's centre strap firmly and use the other strap to secure the bag in the rear load retaining eyelet on the left-hand side of the cargo area. Position the bag so it is not pinched when the tailgate is closed. The white arrow on the bag must point toward the front of the car. Refit the towing eye in the foam block on the left-hand side of the cargo area.


The bag should be secured so that the white arrow (see the inset figure) points forward in the car.


If the floor hatch in the cargo area floor is not closed then privacy locking does not work.
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