Range for electric operation

The car's range for electric operation is dependent on several factors, such as the number of consumers that are switched on.

Power consumers

In order to achieve the longest possible mileage for electric operation, the driver of an electric car also has to think about saving current. The more consumers there are (stereo, electric heating in windows/mirrors/seats, very cold air from the climate control system, etc.) that are switched on - the shorter the potential mileage.

To specify the range for electric operation, see Range - specification.


In addition to high power output in the passenger compartment, high speed, sudden acceleration, heavy loads and uphill gradients can also reduce the possible driving distance.

Longer periods of inactive time

During normal hybrid battery charging some of the charging current is used to keep the car's drive system ready to drive, mainly to control the hybrid battery's temperature. If the car is not being used for a few days then energy can be saved by not starting preconditioning. If the car is not used for a long time, the hybrid battery performs best if the car is parked in a cool place. For further information about what to consider during longer periods of inactive time, see Long-term storage - points to remember.