Drive modes

Drive modes*

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Selection of drive mode affects the car's driving characteristics in order to enhance the driving experience and facilitate driving in special situations.

Using the drive modes it is possible to quickly have access to the car's numerous functions and settings for different driving needs. The following systems are adapted to obtain the best possible driving characteristics in each respective drive mode:

  • Steering
  • Engine/gearbox

    Applies to automatic gearbox.

    /all-wheel drive
  • Brakes
  • Shock absorption
  • Driver display
  • Start/Stop function
  • Climate settings

Select the drive mode that best suits the current driving conditions. Remember that not all drive modes can be selected in all situations.

Selecting drive mode

P5-1507-drive mode scroll wheel

Press the drive mode control DRIVE MODE.

A pop-up menu is opened in the centre display.

Roll the wheel upward or downward until the desired drive mode is highlighted.

Press the drive mode control or tap directly on the touch screen to confirm the selection.

The selected drive mode is indicated in the driver display.

A message is shown when a drive mode is unselectable, for example:

  • Cannot be selected because gear is in manual
  • Cannot be selected due to low battery
  • Cannot be selected due to low temperature
  • Cannot be selected due to limitations
  • Cannot be selected because speed is too high.

Selectable drive modes


  • This is the car's normal mode.

When the car starts, it is in Comfort mode and the Start/Stop function is activated. These settings mean that the car feels comfortable, the steering is light, the shock absorption is soft and body's movement is smooth.

This drive mode is the certification mode for carbon dioxide emissions.


  • Adapt the car for more energy-efficient and environmentally-conscious driving with the Eco mode.

The drive mode means, for example, that the Start/Stop function is activated and the output of certain climate settings is reduced.

The driver display has an ECO gauge that facilitates fuel-efficient driving.

More information on this drive mode is found in the section "Drive mode ECO".


  • Maximise the car's traction when driving in difficult terrain and on poor roads.

The steering is light, the all-wheel drive operation and low speed function with hill descent control (Hill Descent Control) are activated. Start/Stop function is deactivated.

The drive mode can only be activated at low speeds and the speedometer shows the range for speed limitation. If this speed is exceeded, Off Road mode is suspended and another drive mode is activated.

In the Off Road mode the driver display has a compass between the speedometer and tachometer.


The driving mode is not designed to be used on public roads.


The OFF ROAD drive mode must not be used while driving with a trailer without trailer connector. Otherwise, there is a risk of damage to the air bellows.


  • Dynamic mode means that the car has sportier characteristics and faster response to accelerating.

The gear changes become faster and more distinct, and the gearbox prioritises a gear with greater traction.

Steering response is faster and shock absorption is harderApplies to Four-C. which means that the body follows the roadway in order to reduce roll during cornering.

Start/Stop function is deactivated.


  • Adapting a drive mode according to individual preferences.

Select a drive mode to start from, and then adjust the settings according to the desired driving characteristics. These settings are saved in an individual driver profile.

An individual drive mode is only available if it is first activated in the centre display.

P5-1507-Individual drive mode settings view

Settings view

The figure is schematic, the layout may vary depending on car model or updated software.

for individual drive mode.

Press Settings in the top view.

Press My CarIndividual Drive Mode and select Individual Drive Mode.

In Preset, select a drive mode to start from: Eco, Comfort or Dynamic.

Possible adjustments apply to settings for:

  • Driver Display
  • Steering force
  • Powertrain Characteristics
  • Brake Characteristics
  • Suspension Control
  • ECO Climate
  • Start/Stop.

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