Driving with electric operation

When driving on electric power, Volvo Twin Engine provides a combination of good fuel economy, low emissions and high performance.
For the most energy-efficient driving:
  • Select drive mode Pure to get as far as possible with electric power alone.
  • Balance the power requirement using the accelerator pedal. Use the indicator for available electric motor power in the driver display's hybrid gauge in order to avoid starting the internal combustion engine unnecessarily.
  • In the event of braking being necessary - brake gently with the brake pedal, this recharges the hybrid battery.
  • Activate the Hold function in the function view at higher speeds during journeys that are longer than the range of the electricity.
  • Reduce the current take-off in the passenger compartment by reducing, for example, fan speed, electrical heating or air conditioning usage.

Also follow the general advice on economical driving with regard to speed, tyres and load in order to maximise the range.