E-waste Box

Volvo Car Malaysia X ERTH

In efforts to creating a sustainable workspace, Volvo Car Malaysia is proud to announce our collaboration with ERTH. ERTH provides anyone with the opportunity to recycle electronic devices in a convenient and fast manner. Recycling your e-waste is one of the best ways to offset your GHG-emissions. ERTH recycles 100% of the electronics we now collect at our dealerships, with a government-licensed recycling facility.

Our Mission

We aim to drive traction to our Volvo dealerships, as an e-waste collection centre.

Anyone with electronic devices to be disposed, can drop off the items at their preferred nearby dealership.

Our hope is to create a sustainable future for the generation to come by efficiently removing e-waste from landfill.

How It Works

Do you have unused electronic devices lying around in drawers and corners at home that you want to get rid of? We might have the best sustainable, environmentally friendly solution for you.

Volvo Car Malaysia's collaboration with ERTH provides you the opportunity to dispose your unused electronic devices in three simple steps:

  1. Gather your unused electronic items at home and load them in your car.
  2. Bring the items to your preferred authorised Volvo dealership.
  3. Drop your unwanted electronic devices in our e-waste bins.

If you're unsure about how the disposal works, visit your nearest authorised Volvo dealership and our customer service consultants will be happy to assist you on the ground.

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  • Which e-waste that is accepted?

    Any devices or components running on electricity or battery that can fit in the box is accepted. This includes laptop, mobile phones, flatscreen monitor, tablet, printer, mouse, keyboard, etc. If the item is bulky, we suggest booking a free pickup on www.erth.app

  • Which e-waste that is not accepted for recycling?

    Light bulbs or neon lights because they might break inside the box or while being transported.

  • Do you take in any type of batteries?

    Yes, any type of batteries are accepted.

  • What if the items are bulky and cannot be dropped into the bin?

    Please make a booking on www.erth.app and ERTH team will arrange for pick up if the item is accepted.

  • Where exactly does the items go to?

    ERTH is registered with the Malaysian Department of Environment (Jabatan Alam Sekitar). As such, the items will be sent to government licensed recycling facilities.

  • How are the items recycled, repurposed or disposed off?

    If the items can be switched on, they are data sanitized by ERTH. If there are usable spare parts (that don't contain any data) they will be reused. The non working components are sorted and sent to the licensed recycling facilities. All this is done according to the guidelines of the Basel Convention, which means that ERTH are locally processing 100% of the e-waste and not exporting any of it to developing countries.