City cars

Small cars, big adventures, limitless city spirit.

Volvo city cars are tailored for easy navigation in urban environments. They excel in manoeuvrability, handling tight streets, congestion and common parking challenges. Their compact size and advanced features provide practical and convenient solutions for city commuting.

Small cars that make a big impression

Volvo's compact SUVs boast a bold, eye-catching exterior design that turns heads wherever they go. These SUVs combine style and performance with the aid of their sleek lines, colour-coordinated shields, elegant wheels and side mirrors.

Comfortable city driving

Our cars have many practical features for city driving, including advanced driver assistance technology, allowing for a more relaxed driving experience. It helps maintain a safe distance from cars in front through speed adjustments and gentle steering assistance for precise lane-centering. Additionally, it excels in managing stop-and-go traffic, issuing timely alerts when traffic begins moving again after a standstill.

Smart door opening safety system

Say goodbye to unexpected door-opening accidents in the bustling city. In the Volvo EX30, we've integrated a smart door-opening alert system. This advanced system features visual and audio cues to notify you when you're about to open the door in the path of a cyclist or fellow road user.

Conquer city parking with small cars

City parking can be quite challenging, given the presence of other cars, cyclists, and pedestrians. This is where compact city cars truly excel. They simplify manoeuvring through tight spaces. Additionally, the Park Pilot Assist feature further streamlines your parking experience, helping you locate parking spots and guiding your Volvo into them, ensuring a stress-free parking experience.

360° eyes on the city

Volvo's 360-degree camera system is a city-driving game-changer, offering a bird's-eye view for enhanced situational awareness. It makes parallel parking easy, helps you avoid curbs and simplifies tight space navigation. Whether you're in crowded intersections or narrow lanes, our 360° camera helps ensure a safer, stress-free urban driving experience.

Stay focused on the road

When driving in the city, it's crucial to remain vigilant for cyclists, pedestrians, traffic signals and to stay on course. Volvo's head-up display makes it easy by showing important info like your speed, navigation directions and more right on your windshield, so you don't have to take your eyes off the road.

Image of a child sitting in a safe child seat inside a Volvo.
The side of a fjord blue Volvo C40 connected to a charging cable.

Volvo C40

Get to know our electric crossover.

Carefully planned design

City cars may be compact, but Volvo's ingenious design ensures that space is optimised for both passengers and cargo. Every aspect of the minimalistic design is carefully considered, from the wide boot size, with a no-lip landing, to the smart cabin storage and the generous legroom that one might not expect from a smaller car.

Generous storage space

We are all well aware of the constant need for extra space when loading a car, regardless of its size. From groceries to weekend bags and prams, the list of essential items can seem endless.  The Volvo XC40, while compact in appearance, is a smart storage marvel. It features a spacious flat rear compartment for easy loading and unloading, underfloor cargo space, and clever storage solutions for items like water bottles and phones. You can also add the option of going hands-free and opening the tailgate by simply putting your foot under the rear bumper.

Silent and comfortable ride

The standard fixed panoramic roof of the Volvo C40 features laminated and tinted glass, which effectively shields against glare and UV radiation. This unique roof design creates a naturally illuminated cabin environment. Additionally, it plays a crucial role in regulating temperature, supporting a comfortable interior climate and reducing noise, ultimately contributing to a serene driving experience.

The benefits of going electric in the city

Urban areas often grapple with pollution and environmental challenges. Transitioning to electric city cars presents a more sustainable solution that aligns with the need for cleaner, greener cities. At Volvo Cars, this is the future of driving, and we plan to be a fully electric car company by 2030.

Charging an electric or plug-in hybrid city car

Charging a Volvo in the city has never been easier thanks to a growing network of charging stations, and you can find them using your car’s smart centre display. The Volvo Cars app gives you handy reminders and directions to the closest charging spot. So, top up your battery on the move with ease, whether it’s for long trips or when you need that little extra boost.

Happy battery equals happy city commuters

Battery pre-conditioning is a useful feature found in many electric Volvo cars, designed to bring the car's battery to its optimal temperature. This enhances your battery's single-charge range, accelerates charging, and preserves battery health. So, you'll get more miles, quicker charges and a happier battery.

The side of a sage green Volvo XC40 connected to a charging cable.

Volvo XC40

Meet our fully electric compact SUV.

Smart and connected city cars

Technology and infotainment are at the forefront in the bustling world of city cars, offering not just compact size, but also smartness and connectivity. This provides an ideal blend of convenience and entertainment for urban dwellers.

Responsive touchscreen

Our tablet serves as both a driver interface and a central display, flawlessly integrating essential driver information and your preferred controls onto a single screen. The touchscreen has been meticulously crafted to provide crystal-clear, high-definition visuals while minimising disruptive glare or reflections. And its responsiveness is exceptional, ensuring instantaneous execution of commands.

Hands-free help from Google

Engage with Google right from your Volvo to get directions, listen to music and podcasts, and stay connected with friends, family, and colleagues - all while keeping your hands on the wheel and your focus on the road.

Access to in-car apps

In your Volvo, Google is integrated into your driving experience, granting you access to Google Play and its assortment of in-car apps, so that you can stay connected even when on the road.

The ultimate in navigation

Incorporating Google Maps into your Volvo seamlessly merges the familiar smartphone interface with enhanced, premium features. Navigation has never been easier.

Close-up of a Harmon Kardon speaker from the inside of a Volvo
The Volvo Cars app showing the charge status on a smartphone.

One app for all your needs

With the Volvo Cars app, you can effortlessly keep tabs on your charging progress and schedule a timer to ensure your car is comfortably pre-heated when needed. You can also remotely lock and unlock your car and even plan your upcoming service appointments, all in one convenient place.

Frequently asked questions

How is city driving different from country driving?

City driving involves dealing with traffic, parking, and pedestrian awareness, while country driving means longer distances and higher speeds. City cars are made for urban challenges, offering agility, compactness, and advanced safety features.

What features come with a city car?

Our city cars come equipped with a range of safety and convenience features, designed to enhance your urban driving experience. These features may vary depending on the market and car model but can include a smart door opening safety system, Park Pilot Assist, a 360-degree camera system, and a head-up display. Additionally, our user-friendly infotainment system offers real-time traffic updates to assist you in selecting the most efficient routes.

Are there any SUVs for city driving?

While SUVs are traditionally associated with off-road adventures, Volvo offers smaller SUVs designed for city living. However, it's worth noting that cities and individual requirements vary. Hence, even a larger SUV like the EX90 can suit urban environments. Explore our range of models to discover the perfect match for your needs.

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