Keyboard in the centre display

The centre display keyboard makes it possible make entries using keys. It is also possible to "draw in" letters, numbers or words on the screen by hand.

The keyboard can be used to enter words or characters, e.g. to write text messages from the car, enter passwords or search for articles in the digital owner's manual.

The keyboard is only shown when entries can be made on the screen.

iCup-2037-Keyboard down symbol

Press this button to hide the keyboard. If this is not possible, the button is not shown.

iCup-2037-Keyboard symbol

Press this button to enter text normally.

iCup-2037-Keypad handwriting

Press this button to draw in characters by hand.

Confirm the entered text by pressing the confirmation button above the keyboard. The appearance of the button may vary depending on context.

Entering words or characters by hand

Enter a word or character in the field for handwritten letters.
Suggestions for words or characters are shown. The most suitable is shown at the top of the list.


Do not use sharp objects on the screen as they may scratch it.
You can choose another word or character from the list by pressing on it. Otherwise you only need to wait for a moment.
The word or character is then entered.

Letter or character variants

Letter or character variants e.g. é or è can be entered by pressing and holding the letter or character. A box containing available variants is shown and the required variant can be selected by pressing it once. The original letter or - character is used if no variant is selected.