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  • Lord Mayor chooses Low Emission car from Volvo

    Volvo has achieved the greatest reduction in CO2 emissions in the last 12 months, so the Lord Mayor of Dublin is happy to choose the Volvo S80 DRIVe as the official Mayoral car for 2012.

    • Volvo DRIVe to minimise tax

      The decision to choose one car over another involves many factors.  Suitability of the vehicle for purpose, purchase price and cost of ownership as well as the way a car looks and feels are all important factors in the buying decision. 

      • Clodagh McKenna driving forward in a Volvo XC60

        Celebrity Chef Clodagh McKenna leads a very busy life these days.  Not only are there the books, the TV and radio appearances and the Cookery School at the Lyons Estate, but recently Clodagh added Homemade by Clodagh @ Arnotts to her credits. 
        • Volvo Car Corporation develops Range Extenders for electric cars - adding 1,000 km extra range

          Volvo Car Corporation is now taking the next step in the company's electrification strategy by producing test cars with Range Extenders - electric cars that are fitted with a combustion engine to increase their effective range.
          • The Volvo "How Much?" Award

            Volvo Car Ireland has been reviewing how the emissions of its vehicles have changed over the last few years and it has thrown up some interesting facts.
            • Scrappage is dead …… Long live Volvo Swappage

              OK, the headline may be a little over dramatic, but July does herald the start of the Volvo Swappage programme, which has been created following the end of the Government Scrappage scheme.  And with savings up to €8,500 it is significantly better than the Scrappage scheme ever was.
              • Five-Star Crash Test Rating for Volvo V60

                • EuroNCAP awards a five-star crash test rating to Volvo V60
                • V60 technology lead to a maximum 100% score for Safety Assist
                • City Safety - already awarded EuroNCAP Advanced rating - fitted as standard
                • Volvo Car Corporation develops technology to avoid collisions with wild animals

                  Volvo Car Corporation is taking the next step in active safety by developing a system that alerts and automatically brakes for animals on the road. The new system will be launched on the market in a few years' time.

                  • How do you make a popular car even better?

                    By making it better value for money is usually a good place to start!!  In these days when people are more likely to paint a politician red than paint the town red, how can Volvo help make things a little brighter for Irish motorists?   Well one way is to make the popular Volvo S40 and Volvo V50 models even better value than before.
                    • Volvo S40 and V50 DRIVe - now with CO2 emissions of just 99 g/km

                      Volvo Car Ireland has launched revised DRIVe versions of its S40 saloon and V50 estate, complete with Start/Stop technology, that reduces CO2 emissions to just 99g/km. The revisions reduce the CO2 emissions of the S40 and V50 by a further 5g/km and mean they now join the Volvo C30 DRIVe under the 100g/km threshold.
                      21-30 of 47 results|Results per page:102050