Keyless Drive* - locking

Cars equipped with keyless start and lock system have a touch-sensitive area on the outside handle of the doors and a rubberised button next to the tailgate's rubberised pressure plate.
P4-1246- Locking, keyless

Lock the doors and the tailgate by grasping one of the door handles or pressing the smaller of the tailgate's two rubberised buttons - the lock indicator in the windscreen confirms that locking has been completed by starting to flash.

All doors and the tailgate must be closed before the car can be locked - otherwise the car is not locked.


In cars with automatic gearbox selectors, the gear selector must be set to the P position; otherwise the car can be neither locked nor alarmed.


Be aware that the system may be activated in connection with car washing if the remote control key is in range.
  1. * Option/accessory.

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