Security services with Volvo On Call*

Security services for assistance in the event of theft, or remote unlocking if the keys have been lost or locked in the car.

In addition to normal safety services and legislation-related1 services, the system also offers a number of security services.

These services allow the early detection of a break-in in the car, and if the car is stolen, it can be traced and possibly deactivated.

In addition, remote unlocking is possible if you have locked the car keys in the car or have lost them.

Theft Notification (TN)

Automatic signal to the VOC Service Centre in the event of break-in or theft (if the car's alarm system has been activated).

If the car's alarm system is activated then the VOC Service Centre will be notified automatically after a certain time. If the alarm is switched off using the remote control key then the service will be interrupted.

Stolen Vehicle Tracking (SVT)

If theft or other unauthorised use of the car has been discovered, then the car's owner along with the police and the VOC Service Centre agree that the car should be traced. The VOC Service Centre sends a message to the car to determine the car's position. Following which, the police or other authority are contacted.

Remote Door Unlock (RDU)

If the car's remote control key has been lost or locked in the car, it is possible to remotely unlock the car within the next 14 days assisted by the VOC Service Centre after the required verification with PIN code has been approved. Following which, the VOC Service Centre unlocks the car remotely according to agreement.

Remote Vehicle Immobiliser (RVI)2

Monitoring and deactivation of a stolen car.

If the car is stolen then the owner or authorities contact the VOC Service Centre.

After having been in contact with the authorities, the VOC Service Centre then deactivates the remote control keys to prevent the car from being started. A deactivated car can only be restarted by contacting the VOC Service Centre and when the required verification with PIN code has been approved. Following which, the VOC Service Centre performs activation of the car.

Local Vehicle Immobiliser (LVI)

If damage occurs to the VOC or alarm system, the car will be deactivated automatically, and starting the car will be made impossible.

Should a deactivation of the car occur, please contact the VOC Service Centre.

Spare battery

The spare battery has a service life of at least 1 year. If the battery power drops to below a certain level, the following message will be shown in the combined instrument panel:

Volvo On Call Service required

If the message remains then the battery capacity must be checked by an authorised Volvo workshop, in order to ensure that it fulfils the legal requirements.

  1. * Option/accessory.
  2. 1 Applies to RVI and LVI.
  3. 2 Certain markets.