Red Key - Restricted remote control key*

A Red Key enables the car owner to set limits for certain car properties. The restrictions are intended to promote safe driving of the car, e.g. when it is loaned out.
1617 - Red key restricted

For a Red Key, it is possible to define the car's maximum speed, set speed reminders and determine the loudspeaker system's maximum volume. In addition, some of the car's driver support systems will always be active. Other functions of the key are the same as those of a normal remote control key.

One or more Red Keys can be ordered from a Volvo dealer. A total of eleven keys with restrictions can be programmed and used for a single car - at least one must be a normal remote control key.

The settings for Red Key are made by the user of the normal remote control key from the centre display's top view; go to: SettingsSystemDriver ProfileRed Keys

Some of the car's driver support functions cannot be deactivated by the user of a Red Key.

The restrictions are intended to act as measures to reduce the risk of accidents, thereby making it feel safer to hand over the car to e.g. young drivers, valet parking or a workshop. The settings cannot be changed by the person using a Red Key.

Possible settings

The following settings can be made to apply for a Red Key:

Speed limiter (Speed Limiter)1 (On/Off):

  • Setting interval: 50-250 km/h (30-160 mph)
  • Setting during first use is 120 km/h (75 mph)
  • Increments: 1 km/h (1 mph)
P5-15w19-XC90H-Symbol-Restricted Key Limit

The driver display shows the symbol and message

Red key Speed limitation cannot be exceeded.

Speed reminder1 (On/Off):

  • Setting interval: 0-250 km/h (0-160 mph)
  • Setting during first use is: 50, 70 and 90 km/h (30, 45 and 55 mph)
  • Increments: 1 km/h (1 mph)
  • Max. number of simultaneous reminders: 6

Muted max. volume1 (On/Off):

  • Setting at first use: On

Adaptive cruise control*:

  • Setting at first use: Longest intervals
  • See the section "Adaptive cruise control" for more information

Driver support functions

The following driver support functions will always be active for the user of a Red Key:

  • Blind Spot Information (BLIS)* - see section "Blind Spot Information"
  • Lane assistance (LDW and LKA)* - see section "Lane assistance"
  • Distance warning* - see section "Distance warning"
  • City Safety - see section "City Safety"
  • Driver Alert Control (DAC)* - see section "Driver Alert Control"
  • Road Sign Information* - see section "Road Sign Information".
  1. * Option/accessory.
  2. 1 Option, only available with Red Key.