Starting/stopping preconditioning

Preconditioning heats or cools the passenger compartment before driving. The function can use direct start from the centre display or a mobile phone.

Starting/stopping from the centre display

P5-1646-S90H/V90H/XC90H–Climate–Button preconditioning
Preconditioning button in the Parking climate tab in the climate view.
Open the climate view in the centre display.
Select the Parking climate tab.
P5-1646-S90H/V90H/XC90H–Climate–Checkboxes seat/steering wheel heat preconditioning
Boxes for seat heating and steering wheel heating in the Parking climate tab in the climate view.
Select whether seat heating and steering wheel heating should be activated during preconditioning by ticking/unticking the boxes.
Press Preconditioning.
Preconditioning is started/switched off and the button is illuminated/extinguished.


Preconditioning is available only when the car is connected to an electrical socket1. A charging station which is not always active, e.g. on account of a timer, may cause preconditioning to malfunction.

If the car is not connected to an electrical socket, it is still possible to cool the passenger compartment briefly in a warm climate by starting preconditioning directly.


The car's doors and windows should be closed during the preconditioning of the passenger compartment.


Do not use preconditioning2:

  • In unventilated spaces indoors. Exhaust gases are emitted if the heater starts.
  • In locations with combustible or flammable material nearby. Fuel, gas, long grass, sawdust, etc. may ignite.
  • When there is a risk that the heater’s exhaust line may be blocked. For example, deep snow inside the front right-hand wheel housing can obstruct the heater’s ventilation.

Remember that the preconditioning can be started by a timer that has been set for a long time in advance.

Starting from the app*

Start of preconditioning and information about the selected settings can be managed from a device that has the Volvo On Call* app. Preconditioning heats or cools the passenger compartment (using the car's air conditioning) to comfort temperature.

The passenger compartment can also be preconditioned with the engine remote start function (Engine Remote Start - ERS)3 via the Volvo On Call* app.

  1. 1 Applicable to electric heater.
  2. 2 Applicable to fuel-driven auxiliary heater.
  3. * Option/accessory.
  4. 3 Certain car models and markets.