Terms and conditions for services and Customer Privacy Policy

Read the terms and conditions for services and the Customer Privacy Policy at support.volvocars.com.

Terms & Conditions for Services

Volvo is committed to offering you the absolute best services to ensure that it is as safe, comfortable and pleasant as possible for you to drive your Volvo. Volvo offers a wide range of services, from assistance in emergency situations to navigation in various infotainment services.

Read these terms and conditions ("Service Terms and Conditions") carefully before using the services - support.volvocars.com.

Customer Privacy Policy

This policy applies for the processing of customer data and personal data. The purpose of the policy is to provide our existing, previous and prospective customers with a general understanding of:
  • The circumstances in which we gather and process your personal data.
  • The types of personal data we gather.
  • The reasons we gather your personal data.
  • How we handle your personal data.

This policy can be read in its entirety at support.volvocars.com.