Upper mounting points for child seats

The car is equipped with upper mounting points for child seats on the outer second row seats.

The upper mounting points are primarily intended for use with front-facing child seats.

Always follow the manufacturer's installation instructions when connecting a child seat to the upper mounting points.

The location of the mounting points

P5-1507–Safety–Top tether position
Mounting point locations are indicated by symbols on the rear of the backrest.

The mounting points are located on the rear of the outer second row seats.


The child seat's upper straps must be routed through the hole in the head restraint leg before they are tensioned at the mounting point. If this is not possible, follow the recommendations from the child seat manufacturer.


Fold the head restraints in order to facilitate fitting this type of child seat in cars with folding head restraints on the outer seats.


In cars with a cargo cover over the luggage compartment, this must be removed before child seats can be attached to the securing points.