Itinerary and Alternative route

While guidance is active you can look at the itinerary or check if there are alternative routes.

Show itinerary

P5-1617-Navi-Ongoing route-Show Itenerary
While guidance is active, tap on Maximise to maximise the map image and access the itinerary.
P5-1617-Navi-Symbol-Show Itenerary

Tap on the symbol to open the itinerary.

Edit or delete the itinerary

P5-1617-Navi-Edit or delete itenerary
Show the itinerary.
Tap on the recycle bin to delete an intermediate destination in the itinerary, or tap on Clear itinerary to delete the whole itinerary.

Show an alternative route

You can search for alternative routes while guidance is active.
Show the itinerary.
Press Alternative routes.
P5-1646-Navi Inställn. Alternativa resvägar

Select an alternative route:

  • Eco
  • Fast
  • Scenic
Tap on the map.
The updated route is then shown on the map and guidance resumes.