Automatic speed limiter*

The automatic speed limiter (Automatic Speed Limiter - ASL) function helps the driver to adapt the car's maximum speed to the speed shown on the road signs.

The speed limiter function (Speed Limiter — SL) can be changed to automatic speed limiter.

The automatic speed limiter uses speed information from the Road Sign Information1 function to automatically adapt the car's maximum speed.


The automatic speed limiter function is an aid, and does not work in all driving situations, traffic, weather and road conditions. The driver always bears responsibility for maintaining the correct distance and speed, as well as when the automatic speed limiter is being used.

Even if the driver clearly sees the speed-related road sign, the speed from the Road sign information function many be incorrect - in such cases the driver must intervene him/herself and accelerate or brake to a suitable speed.

See also the heading "Limitations for Road sign information".

Is SL or ASL active?

Symbols in the driver display show which speed limiter function is active:

P5-15w07-Speed Limit adapt symbol
P5-1507-TabellSymbol Automatisk SL 10x10
Sign symbol3 after "70" = ASL is activated.

The ASL symbol

P5-1507-TabellSymbol Automatisk SL 10x10

The sign symbol (displayed alongside the stored speed, "70", in the centre of the speedometer) can be shown in three colours with the following meanings:

Colour of sign symbolMeaning
Greenish yellowASL is active
GreyASL has been set in standby mode
Amber/OrangeASL is in temporary standby mode4

Limitations of ASL

Automatic speed limitation takes place using speed information from the RSI1 function - not from the speed limit road signs that the car passes.

If RSI1 cannot interpret and provide speed information to the ASL, then the ASL is set in standby mode and changes over to SL. In such cases the driver must intervene and brake to a suitable speed.

The ASL will be reactivated when the RSI1 function can once again interpret and provide speed information to the ASL.

See also the heading "Limitations for Road Sign Information".

  1. * Option/accessory.
  2. 1 Road Sign Information – RSI
  3. 2 WHITE symbol: Function active, GREY symbol: Standby mode.
  4. 3 See the following heading "ASL symbol" regarding the meaning of the symbol's colour.
  5. 4 For example, scanning of a sign failed.