Volvo's summertime boundless safety!

A summertime boundless safety with Volvo! Enjoy discounts up to 50% on periodic maintenance, 40% on brake services and 70% on findings from the free inspection. For more info. call 15899.

Steer Safely with Volvo Genuine Tires

Steer safely on the road & enjoy a 0% interest rate on a 6-months installment plan, on purchasing a set of 4 Volvo Genuine Tyres (VOL) | Pirelli. Get a 50% extra discount on Volvo Wheel Locks. For more info. call 15899.

Volvo Customer Lifetime Parts Warranty

Durability, Safety, Performance, and Quality for life. An extra peace of mind with Volvo Customer Lifetime Parts Warranty. For the first time in Egypt, getting you covered for all defects in materials or workmanship of Volvo genuine parts installed at Volvo authorized workshops.