Three expressive interiors inspired by Scandinavian nature.

Summer days

Design inspiration

Pixel Knit & Nordico



Décor panels


Air vent décor

The 5-seat cabin of the Volvo EX30 in an interior design theme called Breeze.
Detailed image of the EX30's front seat upholstery in an interior room design theme called Breeze.
Close-up of the EX30's innovative multi-storage area and cupholder.

Breeze mingles recycled and renewable materials in its characterful details. It adds charm to a refreshingly cool interior.

Cabin highlights

Interiors with intention.

Patterned 3D knit upholstery

We pair our recycled Pixel Knit & Nordico, smooth material made partly from pine oil.

Close up of an EX30's interior front passenger shelf's particle recycled décor.

Particle décor

An innovative décor recycling plastic waste from discarded PVC window frames and roller shutters.

Close-up of the Volvo EX30's steering wheel

Tailored steering wheel

Luxurious fabric, satin silk trim and stitching create a crafted look and feel.

Image of the Volvo EX30's textile inlay mats made partially from fish net and inspired by rain drops.

Textile inlay mats

Discarded fishing nets and other waste materials are recycled into sturdy inlay mats.

Sound system

Powerful soundbar

The soundbar's five integrated speakers deliver driver-focused sound. And its sleek minimalistic design makes a stylish addition to the cabin.

Close-up of the logo of a speaker from Harmon Kardon from the inside of a Volvo EX30Overview of a soundbar from Harmon Kardon and the inside of a Volvo EX30

Harman Kardon Premium Sound

With the new soundbar concept, a 1040W amplifier and nine high-performance speakers, this state-of-the-art system delivers immersive surround sound for everyone.

Customisable audio

Features depicted may not be standard or available for all model trim levels or powertrains.

Ambience themes

Scandinavian ambience themes

Summon Scandinavian nature by selecting an ambience theme on the centre display. Panel décors, door panels and front seat storage will illuminate with slow-shifting colours that take on nuances complementary to the interior. Activate ambient sound to deepen the immersion.

The movement of the illumination has been accelerated for illustrative purposes. It will appear slower inside the car. Features depicted may not be standard or available for all model trim levels or powertrains.


This model is now launched for booking in Thailand and will officially be distributed and delivered in Thailand soon. Colors, Upholstery, Features and technical performances outlined above may differ for vehicles distributed in Thailand. The performances outlined above have been determined by a foreign technical service institute operating under international standards. Before this model is officially distributed in Thailand, its performances will be re-evaluated by a Thai technical service institute and/or a Thai authority. We will update our website once we receive new certified performance data from the relevant entity outlined above. Please contact our dealers for more details.