Getting started with the Volvo Cars app*

There are certain preparations you need to complete in order to get started with the Volvo Cars app.

Exploring the Volvo Cars app

Before you collect your car from the dealer, we recommend that you download the free Volvo Cars app and test in demo mode. The demo mode allows you to explore the majority of functions and provides information on how the app is used.

Volvo ID and linking the Volvo Cars app to the car

In order to use the Volvo Cars app, you need a Volvo ID. When a Volvo ID has been created, the app needs to be linked to the car.

Buying a used car with digital services

When buying a used car with digital services, it is important to delete data from the previous owner and add your own details to make the service work. Visit a Volvo dealer for assistance.

  1. * Option/accessory.