Table for location of child seats using the car's seatbelts

The table gives a recommendation for which child seats suit which locations, and for what size of child.


Always read the owner's manual section on installing a child seat before installing one in the car.
WeightFront seat (with deactivated airbag, only rear-facing child seats)1Front seat (with activated airbag, only front-facing child seats)1Outer rear seatCentre rear seat

Group 0

max 10 kg

U2, 3XU3U3

Group 0+

max 13 kg

U2, 3XU3U3

Group 1

9-18 kg

L4UF2, 5U5, L4U5

Group 2

15-25 kg

L4UF2, 6U6, B*, 7, L4U6

Group 3

22-36 kg

XUF2, 6U6, B*, 7U6

U: Suitable for universal category restraints approved for use in this mass group.

UF: Suitable for front-facing universally approved child seats.

L: Suitable for particular child restraints. These restraints may be of the specific vehicle, restricted or semi-universal categories.

B: Built-in restraint approved for this mass group.

X: The seat is not suitable for children in this mass group.


Never use a rear-facing child seat on the front passenger seat if the passenger airbag is activated.
  1. 1 The seat cushion extension must always be retracted for the installation of child seats.
  2. 2 Adjust the backrest to a more upright position.
  3. 3 Volvo recommends: Volvo infant seat (type approval E1 000008).
  4. 4 Volvo recommends: Volvo rear-facing seat (type approval E5 04212).
  5. 5 Volvo recommends rear-facing child seat for children in this mass group.
  6. 6 Volvo recommends: Booster cushion with and without back (type approval E5 04216); Volvo booster seat (type approval E1 04301312).
  7. * Option/accessory.
  8. 7 Volvo recommends: Integrated child seat (type approval E5 04220).