Child seat positioning

It is important to position the child seat in the right place in the car. The choice of location depends, amongst other things, on the type of child seat and whether the passenger airbag is activated.
Px-20w37/46–Safety–Child seat and airbag
Rear-facing child seat and airbag are not compatible.

Always fit rear-facing child seats in the rear seat if the passenger airbag is activated. If a child is sitting on the front passenger seat then he/she could suffer serious injury if the airbag deploys.

If the passenger airbag is deactivated then rear-facing child seats can be fitted on the front passenger seat.


Regulations regarding the placement of children in cars vary from country to country. Check what does apply.


Never allow anybody to stand or sit in front of the front passenger seat.

Never use a rear-facing child seat on the front passenger seat if the airbag is activated.

Front-facing passengers (children and adults) must never sit on the front passenger seat if the passenger airbag is deactivated.

Failure to follow the advice given above can endanger life or lead to serious personal injury.


NEVER use a rearward facing child restraint on a seat protected by an ACTIVE AIRBAG in front of it, DEATH or SERIOUS INJURY to the CHILD can occur.

Label for passenger airbag

P5-1546–Safety–Airbag decal placement EU 1
Label on the passenger side's sun visor.

The warning label for the passenger airbag is positioned as shown above.