7-seater cars

Big premium cars packed with innovative technology and smart storage solutions.

Volvo Cars 7-seaters are perfect for large families, those who often shuttle kids to activities or those who prefer to sit high up for a better view of the road. It's easy to focus on the large interior when browsing for 7-seater cars, but they’re much more than that. Safety, luxurious comfort, and innovation also make our large SUVs stand out.

Reliable family cars

Our big SUVs are designed to help keep your family secure and protected. You'll find yourself sitting in a high position, enjoying a commanding view of the road. Meanwhile, some of our most advanced safety features are on hand to enhance your comfort and journey.

Detect crossing traffic

When you approach an intersection, our 7-seater cars scan the crossing traffic and warn you when there’s a risk of collision. The car can also help to brake automatically to avoid or mitigate a crash.

Park Pilot Assist

Parking a large car in the city can be perceived as a challenge by some, but that's where Park Pilot Assist comes in. With this system, you'll get help finding a suitable parking space and manoeuvring the car in so that it's parked correctly.

Superior comfort

Our 7-seater cars offer plenty of space and ergonomic comfort for the whole family, from the driver to the passengers in the back seat. With generous head and legroom, and seats that strike the perfect balance of supportive luxury, our plug-in hybrid XC90 and fully electric EX90 are great options for those who prioritise a comfortable driving experience.

Generous cargo space

Our 7-seater cars have large cargo space. Even with the rear seats up, there is plenty of space for luggage, but there are always times when you need more. Simply fold down the third row and more than double the cargo space in an instant. With our large cars, you can easily take the whole family or friends on epic adventures without feeling cramped by luggage taking over the cabin.

Smart storage solutions

In addition to large luggage compartments for suitcases the Volvo XC90 and EX90 also include dedicated spaces for the smaller but perhaps more frequently used things in our lives. Here you’ll find smart storage solutions for water bottles, mobile phones, laptops and gym bags as well as hooks for your shopping bags, helping to keep them secure while you're on the road.

Large cars that are easy to drive

Despite their size, the XC90 and EX90 models are easy to drive in urban environments, which are often associated with heavy traffic, tight corners and limited parking spaces. Smart technology, like our optional 360-degree camera, helps drivers tackle many of the common challenges city driving throws their way, including parking and judging distances to other cars.

Travel far with our fully electric car

The Volvo EX90 is a large electric car that allows you to travel far on a single charge. Simply plug it in overnight, and it's ready to take you up to 580 km*. For city drivers, this means you can commute to work or drop off the kids at school without having to worry about charging the battery every day.

Quickly charge your 7-seater electric car

You can charge the battery of the fully electric Volvo EX90 from 10 to 80% in 30 minutes. In the meantime, you and your family can stretch your legs, have a coffee, or why not take your dog for a walk.

Flexible plug-in hybrid

Our XC90 plug-in hybrid is a flexible car combining a petrol engine and electric power. It can travel up to 71 km* on electric power alone, making it ideal for commuting or shorter errands. When you need to travel further, the petrol engine seamlessly kicks in.

* Typical time to charge from 10 to 80% with 250kW DC fast charging (CCS2). The figures are preliminary and derive from estimates and calculations performed by Volvo Cars for EX90 and XC90 and these outcomes are not guaranteed. The driving range and energy consumption under real conditions vary depending on driving behaviour and other external factors. Vehicle certification pending.

Premium throughout

In our XC90 and EX90 models, we left no stone unturned. Every detail has been carefully planned. The exterior is beautiful, and when you step inside, you'll immediately notice the understated luxury, drawing on Scandinavian design heritage. It's all about quality, timeless details, and making things simple to use.

Large panoramic sunroof

With our large panoramic sunroofs, you'll let more natural daylight into the car, which helps create a more spacious and pleasant experience. Our sunroofs are laminated, contributing to UV protection and minimising UV radiation. This also helps prevent the cabin from getting too hot.

Responsibly made modern interior

Drawing on clean lines and sustainable materials, the cabin of our SUVs embody the essence of modern Scandinavian design. Choose between a modern and durable wool blend or our luxurious and responsibly made Nordico faux leather, which has a significantly lower CO2 footprint than traditional leather. Explore an array of elegant colours to tailor your car to your unique taste.

Materials that can withstand hard use

Anyone who's a parent of young children knows they're bound to bring in dirt and stones. It comes with the seasons. That's why we've chosen durable materials for our large SUVs' interiors, making them easy to clean and perfect for withstanding everyday use.

An image showing the air purification system inside a Volvo EX90.

Breathe cleaner air

Our unique air purification system prevents up to 95% of harmful particles from entering the cabin. Optimising the air quality inside the car offers several health benefits, including improved driver concentration.

An image showing the centre display inside a Volvo EX90.

Pre-heat or cool the car

Entering an ideal car temperature is nice, winter or summer. Our pre-conditioning is a climate function that helps with exactly that. Set a timer on the car's centre display or use the Volvo Cars app to schedule the climate control, and your car can pre-heat or cool the cabin to your preferences by the time you’re ready to go.

An image showing the USB-C ports.

The whole family can stay connected

If you're going on a long drive, it's nice to know that all passengers in the car can use their smartphones and tablets throughout the journey without having to worry about their batteries running out. Our 7-seater cars have USB-C ports both front and back so that it's easy for everyone to stay connected, no matter where they're sitting.

An image showing a roof box mounted on a Volvo EX90.

Popular accessories

Our 7-seater cars come with a wide range of popular accessories that you can add to customise your car to your needs. For example, add a roof box for extra luggage space, a bike rack, or a dog gate where your four-legged friend can sit comfortably and get fresh air without leaving the car. 

Frequently asked questions

What are the main features of a 7-Seater car?

Our 7-seater cars come with a host of popular features, including Park Pilot Assist, smart storage solutions, and built-in Google. Enjoy Google Play and get real-time traffic information with Google Maps, which also makes it easy to plan your route.

Are Volvo’s 7-Seater cars automatic?

Yes, all of Volvo's 7-seater cars have an automatic gearbox.

Can the third row be folded down in Volvo's 7-seater cars?

Yes, the third row can be folded flat.

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