Front view of a white Volvo plug-in hybrid charging

Plug-in hybrid cars

Our no-compromise combination of plug-in battery electric power and an efficient petrol engine provides low to zero tailpipe emissions, excellent flexibility and a powerful driving experience.

Low to zero CO2 emissions

The additional electric motor supports the combustion engine for low CO2 emissions. And in Pure electric mode, you can commute with zero tailpipe emissions.

Excellent flexibility

With three drive modes to choose from you can glide through your day with zero tailpipe emissions in Pure electric mode, zoom through it in Power mode, or maximise efficiency and range with Hybrid mode.

Powerful driving experience

Combined electric and petrol power gives effortless performance and a smooth, refined drive in all conditions.

Our plug-in hybrid car range

Whatever Volvo you prefer, you can have it with highly efficient plug-in hybrid technology.

V60 Twin Engine

Up to 5 occupants

XC60 Twin Engine

Up to 5 occupants

XC90 Twin Engine

Up to 5-7 occupants

S60 Twin Engine

Up to 5 occupants

A plug-in hybrid car – how does it work?

A Volvo plug-in hybrid car has both an electric motor and a petrol engine – Twin Engine. For electric power, there’s a battery that can easily be charged at home or at a charging station.

Twin engines

The car combines both electric and petrol power. Seamlessly together, or separately to give you the most efficient driving experience.

Three drive modes

Our plug-in hybrid models offer a range of drive modes to suit every occasion – choose between full Power mode, Pure electric mode and the balanced Hybrid mode.

Battery charging

The large battery gives an electric-only range of around 40–50 km and can easily be charged at home or at a charging station. It’s also charged during driving every time you brake or slow down.

Our other electrified powertrains

Pure electric

(Coming soon)

The full electric powertrain – for a silent, powerful and refined zero tailpipe emission driving experience.

Mild hybrid

(Available in 2 car models)

An effective powertrain technology where electricity supports the combustion engine for a smoother and more fuel-efficient drive.