Bluetooth® handsfree phone - audio settings

It is possible to adjust the call volume, audio system volume and ring signal volume.

Phone call volume

The phone call volume can only be changed during a call. Use the steering wheel keypad or turn the VOL control.

Audio system volume

Providing there is no ongoing call taking place, the audio system volume is controlled as usual by turning VOL.

If an audio source is active on receipt of an incoming call then it is muted automatically.

Ring signal volume

The ring signal volume can be changed by pressing the SOUND button, turning TUNE to Ringtone volume and pressing OK/MENU. Adjust the ring signal volume by turning TUNE and save the setting with OK/MENU.

Ring signals

The handsfree-function's built-in ring signal is used for incoming calls.


For certain mobile phones the connected mobile phone's ring signal is not switched off, and is then used at the same time as the handsfree system's built-in signal.