ISOFIX - size classes

There is a size classification for child seats using the ISOFIX fixture system in order to assist users in choosing the correct type of child seat.
Size classDescription
AFull size, front-facing child seat
BReduced size (alt. 1), front-facing child seat
B1Reduced size (alt. 2), front-facing child seat
CFull size, rear-facing child seat
DReduced size, rear-facing child seat
ERear-facing infant seat
FTransverse infant seat, left-hand
GTransverse infant seat, right-hand


Never use a rear-facing child seat on the front passenger seat if the passenger airbag is activated.


If an ISOFIX child seat has no size classification, the car model must be included on the vehicle list for the child seat.


Volvo recommends that you contact an authorised Volvo dealer for recommendations about which ISOFIX child seats Volvo recommends.