Park Assist Pilot (PAP)* - operation

The Park Assist Pilot (PAP – Park Assist Pilot) helps the driver to park by first checking whether a space is sufficiently large and then turning the steering wheel and steering the car into the space.

The combined instrument panel uses symbols, graphics and text for when the different steps are to be carried out.


Remember that certain steering wheel positions may obstruct the combined instrument panel's instructions when you turn it during the parking manoeuvre.

1 - Searching and checking measurements

P4-1220-Fickparkeringshjälp Scan + Stop


The PAP function measures the space and steers the car - the driver's task is to:

  • keep a close watch around the car
  • follow the instructions in the combined instrument panel
  • change gear (reverse/forward)
  • control and maintain a safe speed
  • brake and stop.


The distance between the car and parking spaces should be 0.5-1.5 metres (1.6-5.0 ft) while PAP is searching for a parking space.

The PAP function searches for a parking space and checks whether it is big enough. Proceed as follows:

P3-1346-Knapp PAP

1. Activate PAP by pressing this button and do not drive faster than 30 km/h (20 mph).

2.Keep an eye on the combined instrument panel and be prepared to stop the car when the graphics and text so request.
3.Stop the car when the graphics and text so request.


PAP searches the area for parking, displays instructions and guides the car in on its passenger side. But if required the car can also be parked on the driver's side of the street:

  • Activate the direction indicator to the driver's side - then the system searches for a parking space on that side of the car instead.

2 - Reversing in

P4-1220-Fickparkeringshjälp Backning

During the Reversing step, PAP will steer the car into the parking space. Proceed as follows:

  1. Check that the area behind the car is clear, then engage reverse gear.
  2. Reverse slowly and carefully without touching the steering wheel - and no faster than 7 km/h (4 mph).
  3. Keep an eye on the combined instrument panel and be prepared to stop the car when the graphics and text so request.


  • Keep your hands away from the steering wheel when the PAP function is activated.
  • Make sure that the steering wheel is not hindered in any way and can rotate freely.
  • To achieve optimum results - wait until the steering wheel is fully turned before starting to drive backward/forward.

3 - Positioning

P4-1220-Fickparkeringshjälp Fixering

When the car has reversed into the parking space, it must be straightened up and positioned.

  1. Engage first gear or D position, wait until the steering wheel has been turned, then drive slowly forwards.
  2. Stop the car when the graphics and text message so request.
  3. Engage reverse gear and drive backwards slowly until the graphics and text message tell you to stop.

The function is deactivated automatically and the graphics and message show that parking is complete. It may be necessary for the driver to correct the positioning. Only the driver can determine whether the car is properly parked.


The warning distance is shorter when the sensors are used by PAP compared with when Park Assist uses the sensors.
  1. * Option/accessory.