Seats, front

The car's front seats have different setting options for optimum seating comfort.
P3-1420-S60/V60H/XC60/V60-Säten fram inställningsmöjligheter
  1. Ikon röd cirkel 1Raise/lower the seat, pump up/down.
  2. Ikon röd cirkel 2Forward/backward: lift the handle to adjust the distance to the steering wheel and pedals. Check that the seat is locked after changing position.
  3. Ikon röd cirkel 3Raise/lower* front edge of seat cushion, pump up/down.
  4. Ikon röd cirkel 4Adjust backrest rake, turn the wheel.
  5. Ikon röd cirkel 5Change the lumbar support*, press the button.
  6. Ikon röd cirkel 6Control panel for power seat*, see Seats, front - electrically operated*.


Adjust the position of the driver's seat before setting off, never while driving. Make sure that the seat is in locked position in order to avoid personal injury in the event of heavy braking or an accident.

Lowering the passenger seat backrest*1

P3-1320 Folding front passenger seat backrest forward
The passenger seat's backrest can be folded forward to make room for long loads.
Ikon röd pil 1

Move the seat as far back/down as possible.

Ikon röd pil 2

Adjust the backrest to an upright position.

Ikon röd pil 3

Lift the catches on the rear of the backrest and fold it forward.

Push the seat forward so that the head restraint "locks" in under the glovebox.

Raising takes place in reverse order.


Grasp the backrest and make sure that it is properly locked after being folded up in order to avoid personal injury in the event of sudden braking or an accident.
  1. * Option/accessory.
  2. 1 Only applies to comfort seats.