Navigating in the centre display's views

There are five different basic views in the centre display: home view, top view, climate view, application view (app view) and function view. The screen is started automatically when the driver's door is opened.

Home view

Home view is the view that is shown when the screen is started. It consists of four subviews: Navigation, Media, Phone and an extra subview.

An app/car function selected from the app/function view starts in the respective subview of the home view. For example FM radio starts in the Media subview.

The extra subview contains the last used app/car function that is not associated with any of the other three areas.

The subviews show brief information about each different app.


The first time the car is used, some of the home view's subviews have no content.


In home view standard mode - briefly press the home button. An animation that describes access to the different views is shown on the screen.

Expanding a subview from default mode

P5-1507-Home screen default vs expanded view
Standard mode and expanded mode of a subview in the centre display.
Expanding a subview:

Press anywhere on the subview. When a subview is expanded, the fourth subview in the home view is temporarily forced away. The other two are minimised and only certain information is shown.

The expanded view provides access to the basic functions of the app.

Closing an expanded subview:
The subview can be closed in three different ways.
  • Tap on the upper part of the expanded subview.
  • Tap on another subview (that subview will then open in expanded mode instead).
  • Briefly press the physical home button below the centre display.

Opening/closing a subview in full screen mode

The extra subview and the subview for Navigation can be opened out in full screen mode, with even more information and more setting options.

When a new subview is opened in full-screen mode, no information from the other subviews is shown.

P5-1507-Icon-Navi launch fullscreen

In expanded mode, open the app in full screen - press on the symbol.

P5-1507-Icon-Navi exit fullscreen

Press on the symbol to go back to the expanded mode, or press the home button at the bottom of the screen.

P5-S90-V90-16w17-Touch screen-button
Home button for the centre display.

There is always the option to go back to home view by pressing the home button. Go back to the home view's standard view from full screen mode - press twice on the home button.

Status bar

The activities in the car are shown at the top of the screen. Network/connection information is shown on the left-hand side of the status bar, while media-related information, the clock and indication that background activity is in progress are shown on the right.

Top view

P5-1617-Settings pane
Top view dragged down.

A tab is located in the centre of the status bar at the top of the screen. Open the top view by pressing on the tab or by dragging/swiping from the top downwards across the screen.

In the top view, access is available to:
  • Settings
  • Owner's manual
  • Profile
  • The car's saved messages.

Exit the top view - press outside the top view, on the home button or at the bottom of the top view and drag upward. The underlying view is then visible and available for use again.


The top view is not available during starting/shutdown or when a message is shown on the screen. It is also not available when climate view is shown.

Go into the top view from an app

Drag down the top view when an app is running, e.g. FM radio:

  • Press FM Radio Settings - settings that are associated with FM radio are shown.
  • Press FM Radio Manual - an article that is associated with FM radio is opened.

This only applies to some of the apps in the car. For third party apps that are downloaded, it is not possible to access app-specific articles or settings, for example.

Climate view

The climate row is always visible at the bottom of the screen. The most common climate settings can be made directly there, such as setting temperature, seat heating and fan.


Press the symbol in the centre of the climate row to open the climate view and gain access to more climate settings.


Press the symbol to close the climate view and return to the previous view.

Application view

P5-1617-Application pane
Application view with the car's apps.

Swipe from right to left1 across the screen in order to access the application view (app view) from the home view. Apps that have been downloaded (third-party apps) and apps for embedded functions, such as FM radio, are found here. Certain apps show brief information directly in the app view, such as the number of unread text messages for Messages.

Tap on an app to open it. It then opens in the subview to which it belongs, such as Media.

Depending on the amount of apps, it is possible to scroll downward in the app view. Do this by swiping/dragging from the bottom and up.

To move an app:
Tap on the app and hold depressed.
The app becomes slightly transparent and larger when it is ready to be moved.
Drag the app to the desired location.


Apps and car function buttons cannot be added to locations that are already occupied.

Go back to the home view again by swiping from left to right1 across the screen, or by pressing the home button.

Function view

P5-15w46-Car functions pane
The function view with buttons for different car functions.

Swipe from left to right1 across the screen in order to access the function view from the home view. From here you can activate/deactivate different car functions, e.g. Lane Departure Warning, Lane Keeping Aid* and Park Assist*.

Depending on the amount of functions, it is also possible here to scroll downward in the view. Do this by swiping/dragging from the bottom and up.

Unlike in app view, where an app is opened with a press, a function is activated/deactivated by pressing the relevant function button. Some functions (trigger functions) open in a new window when pressed.

Just as in app view, it is possible to move the function buttons around and arrange them in the desired order.

  1. 1 Applies to left-hand drive cars. For right-hand drive cars - swipe in the opposite direction.
  2. * Option/accessory.