Using the glovebox

The glovebox is located on the passenger side.

The printed owner's manual and maps can be kept in the glovebox, for example. There is also a pen holder on the inside of the lid.

Locking/unlocking the glovebox*

The glovebox can be locked, e.g. when the car is taken in for service, left at a hotel or similar. The glovebox can only be locked/unlocked with the accompanying key.

P5-1617-Interior-Gloveboxkey storage
The key's designated storage space
P5-1617-Locking/Unlocking the glovebox
  1. Locking the glovebox:
  1. P5-Icon red arrow 1Insert the key in the glovebox lock cylinder.
  2. P5-Icon red arrow 2Turn the key 90 degrees clockwise.
  3. P5-Icon red arrow 3Pull out the key.
Unlock by carrying this out in reverse order.

Using the glovebox as a cooled area*

The glovebox can be used for cooling of e.g. drinks or food. The cooling works when the climate control system is active (i.e. when the car is set in ignition position II or when the engine is running).

P5-1507–Interior–Glovebox cooling
  1. P5-Icon red arrow ACooling activated
  2. P5-Icon red arrow BCooling deactivated
Activate/deactivate the cooling by moving the control to the end position toward the passenger compartment/glovebox.
  1. * Option/accessory.

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