Changing the tolerance for the Automatic speed limiter

The speed limiter function (Automatic Speed Limiter - ASL) can be set for different tolerance levels.

It is possible to increase/decrease the signed speed limit. If, for example, the car follows a signed speed limit of 70 km/h (43 mph) the driver can instead choose to allow the car to maintain 75 km/h (47 mph).

P5-1546-ASL rattknappar
Buttons and symbols for functions.
Press the steering wheel button P5-1507-Symbol 5x3,5-CC rattknapp + (1) until 70 km/h (43 mph) in the centre of the speedometer (4) changes to 75 km/h (47 mph).

After which, the car uses the selected tolerance 5 km/h (4 mph) as long as signs passed are showing 70 km/h (43 mph).

The tolerance is followed until a road sign with a lower or higher speed is passed - then the car follows the new signed speed limit instead and the tolerance is deleted from the memory.

If the Road Sign Information* function is activated, the signed speed limit will then be shown with a RED indicator on the speedometer.

The tolerance is adjusted in the same way as the speed setting is in the speed limiter.


The maximum selectable tolerance is +/- 10 km/h (5 mph).
  1. * Option/accessory.