Voice recognition control of radio and media1

Command for voice recognition control of radio and media player.
Tap on P5–1507–Voice control button and say one of the following commands:
  • "Media" - starts a dialogue for media and radio and shows examples of commands.
  • "Play [artist]" - plays back music by the selected artist.
  • "Play [song title]" - plays back the selected song.
  • "Play [song title] from [album]" - plays back the selected song from the selected album.
  • "Play [TV channel name]" - starts the selected TV channel.
  • "Play [radio station]" - starts playing back the selected radio channel.
  • "Tune to [frequency]" - starts the selected radio frequency in the current frequency band. If no radio source is active, the FM band is started by default.
  • "Tune to [frequency] [wavelength]" - starts the selected radio frequency in the selected frequency band.
  • "Radio" - starts FM radio.
  • "Radio FM" - starts FM radio.
  • "Radio AM" - starts AM radio.
  • "DAB " - starts DAB radio.
  • "TV" - starts playback from TV*.
  • "CD" - starts playback from CD*.
  • "USB" - starts playback from USB.
  • "iPod" - starts playback from iPod.
  • "Bluetooth" - starts playback from a Bluetooth-connected media source.
  • "Similar music" — plays back music similar to the music currently playing back from USB devices.
  1. 1 Applies to certain markets.
  2. * Option/accessory.