Seats, rear

The rear seat backrest and the outer seat head restraints can be folded. The centre seat head restraint can be adjusted to suit the height of the passenger.

Head restraint, centre seat, rear

P4-1220-Y55X To adjust center head restraint in rear seat

Adjust the head restraint according to passenger height so that the whole of the back of the head is covered if possible. Slide it up as required.

To lower the head restraint again, the button (see illustration) must be pressed while the restraint is carefully moved down.

The head restraint can be adjusted in five different positions.


The centre seat head restraint must be in its lowest position when the centre seat is not used. When the centre seat is used, the head restraint must be correctly adjusted to the height of the passenger so that it covers the whole of the back of the head if possible.

Manual lowering of the outer head restraints, rear seat

P4-1220-Y55X Manually folding the rear head restraint

Pull the locking handle closest to the head restraint to fold the head restraint forward.

The head restraint is moved back manually.


The head restraint must be in locked position after being folded up.

Lowering the rear seat backrest


When the backrest is to be folded, the rear seat cup holder must not be open and there must be no objects in the rear seat. Nor may the seat belts be connected. Otherwise there is a risk of damage to the rear seat upholstery.


The front seats may need to be pushed forwards, and/or the backrests adjusted upwards, in order that the rear backrests can be fully folded forward.
  • Both sections can be folded separately.
  • If the entire backrest is to be folded then the different sections should be folded separately.
P4-1220-Y55X Adjusting center head restraint
P4-1220-Y55X Folding outer head restraint
Ikon grå fyrkant 1

If the right-hand section is being lowered - release and adjust head restraint for the centre seat, see the earlier section "Head restraint, centre seat, rear".

Ikon grå fyrkant 2

The outer head restraints are lowered automatically when the backrests are lowered. Pull up the backrest's locking handle Ikon grå fyrkant A while folding the backrest forward at the same time. A red indicator on the lock catch Ikon grå fyrkant B shows that the backrest is no longer locked in place.


When the backrests have been lowered the head restraints must be moved forward slightly so as not to make contact with the seat cushion.

Raising takes place in reverse order.


When the backrest has been raised, the red indicator should no longer be showing. If it is still showing then the backrest is not locked in place.


Check that the backrests and head restraints in the rear seat are locked properly after being folded up.