Child safety locks - electrical activation*

The child safety locks prevent children from being able to open a rear door from the inside.


The electrical child safety locks can be activated/deactivated in all key positions higher than 0. Activation/deactivation can be performed up to 2 minutes after switching off the engine, provided that no door is opened.

P4-1220-Y55X-Electric lock doors and windows, control driver door
Control panel driver's door.
Start the engine or choose a key position higher than 0.
Press the button in the driver's door control panel.
The information display shows the message Rear child lock activated and the button's lamp illuminates - the locks are active.

When the electric child safety lock is active then the rear:

  • windows can only be opened with the driver's door control panel
  • doors cannot be opened from inside.

The current setting is stored when the engine is switched off - if the child safety locks are activated at engine shutdown, the function will remain activated the next time the engine is started.

  1. * Option/accessory.