Overloading the starter battery

The electrical functions in the car load the starter battery to varying degrees. Avoid using the ignition position II when the car is switched off. Instead, use ignition position I - which uses less power.

Also, be aware of different accessories that load the electrical system. Do not use functions which use a lot of power when the car is switched off. Examples of such functions are:

  • ventilation fan
  • headlamps
  • windscreen wiper
  • audio system (high volume).

If the starter battery voltage is low, a message is shown in the driver display. The energy-saving function then shuts down certain functions or reduces certain functions such as the ventilation fan and/or audio system.

In which case, charge the starter battery by starting the car and then running it for at least 15 minutes - starter battery charging is more effective during driving than running the engine at idling speed while stationary.