Tips for improving voice control

A few tips that might be useful to bear in mind when using voice control are listed below.

If the voice control system does not respond as you expect, this may be due to a number of factors. Examples of this are given here:

  • Make sure you are speaking the right language (system language selected) and that the language you have selected is supported by voice control.
  • Try saying "Help". You will then receive guidance on what is possible to say – it is possible that the system does not support the phrase that you think the system does not understand.
  • Speak at a natural pace and using a normal conversational tone. Do not speak more slowly because the system does not understand you, this impairs recognition.
  • Remember that in certain situations, the system has to search through a large database in order to give you the right feedback. In these situations it is more difficult to give you exactly the right response. A list of possible responses is then often shown in the car's display.
  • The voice control system in your car is under continuous improvement. You can download update files yourself.

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