Handling a message saved from the centre display

Whether saved from the driver display or the centre display, messages are managed in the centre display.
P5-1717-ALL-Settings pane incl contextual
Examples of saved messages and possible options in the top view.

Messages that are shown in the centre display that need to be saved are added in the top view of the centre display.

Reading a saved message

Open the top view in the centre display.
A list of saved messages is shown. Messages with an arrow to the right can be maximised.
Tap on a message to expand/minimise.
More information on the message is shown in the list and the image to the left in the app shows information about the message graphically.

Managing a saved message

Some messages have a button for e.g. activating/deactivating a function linked to the message.

Press the button to perform the action.

Saved messages in the top view are deleted automatically when the car is switched off.