Diesel particulate filter

Diesel cars are fitted with particle filters for more efficient emission control.

Particles in the exhaust gases are collected in the diesel particle filter during normal driving. When these conditions have been met, regeneration starts to burn off the particles and empty the filter. To start regeneration, the engine must have reached normal operating temperature. Regeneration of the particulate filter is automatic and normally takes 10-20 minutes.


The following may arise during regeneration:

  • a smaller reduction of engine power may be noticed temporarily
  • fuel consumption may increase temporarily
  • a smell of burning may arise.

Use the parking heater* in cold weather - the engine then reaches normal operating temperature more quickly.


If the filter is completely filled with particles, it may be difficult to start the engine and the filter is non-functional. Then there is a risk that the filter will need to be replaced.

When driving short distances at low speeds in a diesel car

The capacity of the emissions system is affected by how the car is driven. Driving varying distances and at different speeds is important in order to achieve performance that is as energy-efficient as possible.

Driving short distances at low speeds (or in cold climates) frequently, where the engine does not reach normal operating temperature, can lead to problems that can eventually cause a malfunction and trigger a warning message. If the vehicle is mostly driven in city traffic, it is important to regularly drive at higher speeds to allow the emissions system to regenerate.

  • The car should be driven on A-roads at speeds in excess of 60 km/h (38 mph) for at least 20 minutes between each refuelling.
  1. * Option/accessory.