Symbols and messages for electronic stability control

A number of symbols and messages regarding electronic stability control (ESC1) can be shown on the driver display. Here are some examples.
P5-1507-Symbol-ESC 19x19
Constant glow for approx. 2 secondsSystem check when the engine is started.
P5-1507-Symbol-ESC 19x19
Flashing lightThe system is being activated.
P5-1946-Electronic Stability Control in Sport Mode
Constant glowSport mode is activated. NOTE: The system is not deactivated in this mode – it is partly reduced.
P5-1507-Symbol-ESC 19x19


Temporarily off

The system has been temporarily reduced due to excessive brake temperature - the function is reactivated automatically when the brakes have cooled.
P5-1507-Symbol-ESC 19x19


Service required

The system is disengaged. Stop the car in a safe place, switch off the engine and start it again.

A text message can be cleared by briefly pressing the P5–1507–Symbol-OK button button, located in the centre of the steering wheel's right-hand keypad.

If a message remains: Contact a workshop – an authorised Volvo workshop is recommended.

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