Engine specifications

Engine specifications (power, etc.) for each respective engine alternative can be found in the table below.


Not all engines are available in all markets.


If there is no engine data in the table, this is available in an enclosed supplement.
EngineEngine code1







No. of cylinders
T5 AWDB4204T20183/5500249/5500350/1500-45004
T5 AWDB4204T23187/5500254/5500350/1500–48004
D3 AWDD4204T4110/4250150/4250350/1500-25004
D4 AWDD4204T14140/4250190/4250400/1750-25004
B5 AWDB420T2184/5400–5700250/5400–5700350/1800-48004
  1. 1 The engine code, component number and serial number can be found on the engine.

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