Symbols and messages for camera and radar unit

Here are examples of some of the display messages and symbols regarding the camera and radar units that can be shown in the driver display.

Detector blocked

P5-1507-See Owner's manual symbol 10x10

If the driver display shows this symbol and the message Windscreen sensor Sensor blocked, see Owner's manual, this means that the camera and radar unit cannot detect other vehicles, cyclists, pedestrians and large animals in front of the car, and that the car's camera-based and radar-based functions may be disrupted.

The following table presents examples of possible causes for a message being shown, along with the appropriate action:

The windscreen surface in front of the camera and radar unit is dirty or covered with ice or snow.Clean dirt, ice and snow from the windscreen surface in front of the camera and radar unit.
Thick fog and heavy rain or snow block the radar signals or the camera view.No action. Sometimes the unit does not work during heavy rain or snowfall.
Water or snow from the road surface swirls up and blocks the radar signals or camera view.No action. Sometimes the unit does not work on a very wet or snow-covered road surface.
Dirt has appeared between the inside of the windscreen and the camera and radar unit.Visit a workshop to have the windscreen inside the unit's cover cleaned - an authorised Volvo workshop is recommended.
Strong oncoming lightNo action. The camera unit is reset automatically in more favourable light conditions.

Defective camera

P5-1617-Park Assist Camera 360, camera out of order

If a camera sector is black and contains this symbol then it means that the camera is out of order.

P5-1617-Park Assist Camera 360, view with defected camera
The car's left-hand camera is out of order.

A black camera sector is also shown in the following instances, but then without the symbol for defective camera:

  • open door
  • open tailgate
  • folded-in door mirror.

Rear parking camera


P5-1717 - Park Assist Camera, warning assistance are switched off

Pay additional attention while reversing when this symbol is shown if a trailer, bicycle rack or similar is mounted and electrically connected to the car.

The symbol indicates that the parking assistance sensors rearward are switched off and will not warn of any obstacles.