Opening and closing the bonnet

The bonnet can be opened using the handle in the passenger compartment and a handle under the bonnet.

Open the bonnet

P5-1507 Opening hood
P5-Icon red arrow 1Pull the handle on the left of the brake pedal in order to release the bonnet from fully closed position.
P5-1717-V426-Opening hood with outer handle
P5-Icon red arrow 2Sweep from left to right in the opening under the bonnet, move the handle up and to the side to release the bonnet from the bonnet lock's catch and lift the bonnet.

Warning - bonnet not closed

P5-1507 Symbol General red

When the bonnet is released, a warning symbol and graphics in the driver display will light up and an acoustic reminder will sound. If the car starts rolling, an acoustic warning signal will repeat.


If the warning symbol is lit or the warning signal is heard despite the bonnet being closed properly, contact an authorised Volvo workshop.

Close the bonnet

Push the bonnet down until it starts to fall from its own weight.
When the bonnet stops against the lock catch, push the bonnet to close it completely.


Risk of crushing! Ensure that the closing path under the bonnet is not obstructed, otherwise there is a risk of personal injury.


Check that the bonnet locks properly when closed. The bonnet must engage at both sides audibly.
P5-1617-S90/V90 Hood, slightly open
Bonnet not completely closed.
P5-1617-S90/V90 Hood, closed
Bonnet completely closed.


P5-1917-Open hood symbol

Never drive with an open bonnet!

If this symbol is visible – or something else indicates that the bonnet is not fully closed while driving – stop immediately and close it properly.

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