Set the wiper blades in service position

In some situations, the windscreen's wiper blades must be set in service position (vertical position), e.g. when they shall be replaced.
P5-1507-Service position wiper blades
Wiper blades in service position.

In order to change, clean or lift the wiper blades (e.g. for scraping off ice from the windscreen) they must be in service position.


Before placing the wiper blades in the service position, make sure that they are not frozen down.

Activating/deactivating service mode

Service mode can be activated/deactivated when the car is stationary and the windscreen wipers are not on. Service mode is activated/deactivated via the function view in the centre display:


Press the Wiper Service Position button. The light indicator in the button illuminates when service mode is activated. When activated, the wipers move to the service position. To deactivate the service mode, press Wiper Service Position again. The light indicator in the button extinguishes when service mode is deactivated.

The wiper blades also exit the service position if:

  • Windscreen wiping is activated.
  • Windscreen washing is activated.
  • The rain sensor is activated.
  • The car is driven away.


If the wiper arms in service position have been folded up from the windscreen, they must be folded back down onto the windscreen before the activation of wiping, washing or the rain sensor, as well as before driving. This is to avoid scraping the paint on the bonnet.