Controlling the climate control system using voice control1

Commands for voice control of the climate control system in order to e.g. change temperature, activate a heated seat* or change fan level.
Tap on P5–1507–Voice control button and say one of the following commands:
  • "Climate" - starts a dialogue for climate control and shows examples of commands.
  • "Set temperature to X degrees" - sets the desired temperature.
  • "Raise temperature"/"Lower temperature" - raise/lower the temperature setting one step.
  • "Sync temperature" - synchronises the temperature for all climate zones in the car with the temperature set for the driver's side.
  • "Air on feet"/"Air on body" - opens the desired air flow.
  • "Air on feet off"/"Air on body off" - closes the desired air flow.
  • "Set fan to max"/"Turn off fan" - changes the air flow to Max/Off.
  • "Raise fan speed"/"Lower fan speed" - raises/lowers the fan level one step.
  • "Turn on auto" - activates automatic climate regulation.
  • "Air condition on"/"Air condition off" - activates/deactivates the air conditioning.
  • "Recirculation on"/"Recirculation off" - activates/deactivates the air circulation.
  • "Turn on defroster "/"Turn off defroster" - activates/deactivates defrosting of windows and door mirrors.
  • "Turn on max defroster"/"Turn max defroster off" - activates/deactivates the max defroster.
  • "Turn on electric defroster"/"Turn off electric defroster" - activates/deactivates the heated windscreen*.
  • "Turn on rear defroster"/"Turn off rear defroster" - activates/deactivates the heated rear window and door mirrors.
  • "Turn steering wheel heat on"/"Turn steering wheel heat off" - activates/deactivates the heated steering wheel*.
  • "Raise steering wheel heat"/"Lower steering wheel heat" - raises/lowers the setting for the heated steering wheel* one step.
  • "Turn on seat heat"/"Turn off seat heat" - activates/deactivates the heated seat*.
  • "Raise seat heat"/"Lower seat heat" - raises/lowers the setting for the heated seat* one step.
  • "Turn on seat ventilation"/"Turn off seat ventilation" - activates/deactivates the seat ventilation*.
  • "Raise seat ventilation"/"Lower seat ventilation" - raises/lowers the setting for the ventilated seat* one step.


Not all system languages support voice recognition. The ones that do are highlighted with the P5–1507–Voice control button symbol in the list of available system languages. Read more about where the information can be found in the section on settings for voice recognition.
  1. 1 Applies to certain markets.
  2. * Option/accessory.