Driver profiles

Many of the settings made in the car can be adapted according to the driver's personal preferences and can be saved in one or more driver profiles.

The personal settings are automatically saved in the active driver profile. Every remote control key, apart from Care Key, can be linked to a personal driver profile. When the linked key is used, the car is adapted to the settings of that specific driver profile. Care Key is always linked to the latest profile as well as the speed limitation set. This profile cannot be protected as personal.

What settings are saved in the driver profiles?

Many of the settings defined in the car will be saved automatically in the active driver profile unless the profile is protected. In the car, the settings defined are either personal or global. Only personal settings are saved in driver profiles.

Settings that can be saved in a driver profile include, amongst other things, screens, mirrors, front seats, navigation*, audio and media system, language and voice control.

Some settings, referred to as global settings, can be changed but are not saved to a specific driver profile. Changes to global settings affect all profiles.

Global settings

The global settings are not changed when changing between driver profiles. They remain the same regardless of which driver profile is active.

Keyboard layout settings are an example of global settings. If driver profile X is used to add additional languages to the keyboard, these remain available for use even if driver profile Y is used. The keyboard layout settings are not saved to a specific driver profile - the settings are global.

Personal preferences

If driver profile X was used to e.g. set centre display brightness, driver profile Y is not affected by this setting. It has been saved to driver profile X - the brightness setting is a personal setting.

  1. * Option/accessory.